The influence of colors in web design

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The influence of colors in web design

We want to develop a web page but our knowledge about web design is too poor. Many factors must be taken into account. We do not come to talk about all of them, we only intend to focus on color.

In previous articles we have given you advice to create an e-commerce , a good corporate website and even know which content manager we have to choose . In this new post we want to explain the importance of colors when designing your new website.

When we talk about colors, it is inevitable to think of a rainbow. There are primary, secondary and tertiary colors; cold and warm colors … Its variations are countless. You can not quantify the number of colors that exist and their many classifications. Although there is a study that talks about the psychology of color and how to apply them depending on what we want to transmit.

Colors evoke feelings, ideas, thoughts. When it comes to meditating on web design, the developer must be clear about the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the company wants to transmit for which it will work. Corporate identity is vital in a business and colors play a decisive role in it.

How does color influence web design?

colors in web design

The first thing is to describe, what is the psychology of color ? It is a study that consists of analyzing in detail the effect that color has on human perception and behavior . It is still considered as a somewhat immature science within psychology. Not only influence the feelings of people, but also in many of our actions.

Depending on the color we capture with our retina on a web page, for example, we will continue to visit it or leave it quickly. It will serve as an incentive to buy a product or, on the contrary, not to pay attention to it.

It is important that the developer at the time of creating a website, be aware of the associations that will wake up each of the tonalities. Visual stimuli have a great influence on our brain and, therefore, color will be essential in our internet space.

Thanks to the psychology of color, your company can be strengthened . Sales in case of being an e-commerce will increase and visits will be constant. In addition, you should not forget that sometimes the color serves to recognize a brand and is a great tool to reach consumers.

Web design and its relationship with the psychology of color

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If the developer manages to understand how colors affect human behavior, it will turn them into a determining work tool. The benefits will be great and we want to describe a small table about different colors and their psychology.

The psychology of blue

influence of colors in web design

We started with the blue since it somehow accompanies Deeply in his corporate identity. Blues are associated with: quality, efficiency, seriousness, strength, productivity, confidence, calm, wisdom or security.

In addition, it is usually recognized as a masculine color. The clearest example is found in the clothes of babies. It is not usually an obligation, but when someone is going to have a child they are given blue colored clothing. While if a girl comes, the tones are usually pink.

Blue is a cold color, so you should not always abuse it. Just as it is not recommended to use too many strong tones.

Being associated with seriousness, it is used by many large companies related to health, technology, science or banking entities.

The psychology of red

When you think about creating a web page and you focus on the design with colors, red will always come to mind. It is one of the tonalities that we name first when we do a review on color.

The red is the color of passion , for good and bad. It transmits happiness, closeness, strength, aggression, life, emotion, movement or energy . It is also associated with bad things like war, violence or danger. Even with all the prohibitions.

It should be used to attract the attention of the person who enters your website. You can create a lot of expectation with red. It is recommended for food, sports, fashion, marketing and even emergency services pages.

As with blue, it should not be used excessively. It is a warm color and when there is too much emotion, it can be a counterproductive effect. It is not good to use it for pages about nature or luxury.

The psychology of green

The green is par excellence the color of hope . It transmits sensations of: serenity, harmony, growth, fertility, money, health, generosity, peace, good luck or nature.

It is said to be one of the colors that best process our eyes. It is a neutral tone, neither cold like blue, nor warm like red. That’s why the greens show security, relaxation and tranquility.

They are the best option when we want a web design for science, tourism, medicine, sustainability or environment. Like red, it is not recommended to use when we want to sell luxury products. Of course, if your website talks about nature, your corporate color should be green and its different tonalities.

The psychology of yellow

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Together with red and blue, they form the three primary colors. Of all the bright colors, yellow is the lightest. At the same time, it is the most luminous tone and is associated with: happiness, joy, kindness, optimism, creativity, wisdom, spontaneity or concentration.

Not all its connotations are good so you should be careful with its use. Yellow also evokes: warning, envy, jealousy, insecurity, cowardice or deceit.

When designing a website, you can use strong shades of yellow to convey that happiness that we talked about above. Even softer tones for a calmer happiness.

It is related to the investigation, the understanding and if we do not use it in moderation, it can load.

The psychology of the rose

Possibly it can be considered as a shade of red, but its associations are different. It is usually associated with rose to femininity. Transmits: kindness, affection, love, protection, dedication, generosity, innocence, delicacy, creativity or sincerity.

Unlike with the color red, pink can not be associated with any negative thing. We will use it a lot for websites dedicated to women, selling products for girls and teenagers, sweets or fashion.

The psychology of the orange

To speak of joy or fun, it is best to use orange tones . Transmit: energy, life, ambition, heat, emotion or enthusiasm . Also warning or danger depending on the context.

When they have an e-commerce, orange is usually very popular, as it draws enough attention from potential customers. It is also a good alternative for automotive, technology, leisure and entertainment websites.

We must not load our future page of orange tones because, as it happens with other of the colors that we have been explaining, it can be burdensome.

The psychology of white

It is a color that when we use it for our new website, transmit: kindness, purity and innocence, peace, humility, cleanliness, nobility, sincerity or security.

The white is associated with clarity and perfection . It is widely used for medicine, nursing, dentistry and all health-related professions. Also on websites about technology, science or fashion. Even for luxury business.

Actually as it is usually combined with more shades, its use does not usually cause too many problems. Of course, you must be careful, because a lot of white can indicate insensibility; or that something is empty and lacks content.

The psychology of black

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In many theories it has been indicated that black is not a color in itself. It is said that black is rather a lack of color. It is associated with elegance, power, sophistication, strength, intelligence, stability, sensuality, youth, authority or formality .

Not everything that transmits is good because black can also be associated with darkness, death, evil, bad luck, mystery, dirt, rebellion, prohibition.

Black can be used to develop a modern and elegant website. It is widely used in marketing, fashion, luxury, cosmetics.

Be clear that you should not abuse the black, if you do not want your website to look too sinister or evil. The person who visits your page can not be scared or uncomfortable. You have to combine the black well with its different tonality or other colors.

The psychology of gray

It is a neutral color, without too much force, but with a great value if you know how to use it well. It is associated with: professionalism, sophistication, luxury, balance or timelessness .

If you want to develop a website about luxury items, gray will be your main color. Also for pages of professionals, or websites that want to transmit calm, serenity …

Sometimes a dull or dull color may result. If it is abused, it could lack personality to our website. Be clear that to get people’s attention, gray does not work much.

These are some of the colors that you must take into account when designing a website. We would have to analyze many more, but those that we have brought to you are the ones that are most used. If you still have doubts about which corporate color you are most interested in and how to develop your website, you are in the right place. At Deeply we can help you, we are an expert in web design and we are looking forward to formalizing your project.

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