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Here the biggest tech start-ups in Africa, brought to your attention by online pokies for Australia;

  1. Flutterwave: Flutterwave is an African fintech company which specializes in the provision of payment infrastructures for world merchants. The company was created by Olugbenga Agboola was created with the aim of providing a digital means which connects Africa and in turn the rest of the world. Another of its objective is to provide another reliable payment solution for the businesses in the African continent and the world at large. Adding to its record, Flutterwave has successfully processed more than 100 million transactions which are valued at more than $5 billion. An investment worth over $35 million from strategic investors was secured in 2020 by Flutterwave
  2. Helium Health: Helium Health is one out of the two health technological companies which made it to the top ten (10) of the fintech with its total score at 92.5 after gathering 29 points from local storytelling, 34 for brand type, and 29.5 for the experience.
  3. Chippercash: This brand type is concentrating on establishing its presence in the fintech category. The company is present in more than seven (7) African countries. The services of this company include API payment solutions, trading of cryptocurrency, and investment services. In November 2020, Chipper Cash raised about $30 million in investment.
  4. 54gene: The founder and the Chief Executive Officer of this company (54gene) is Dr Abasi Ene-Obong. This company and its services are unique to the African continent because it provides greater information to the people when it comes to African Genomics, leading to many medical and scientific breakthroughs. They collect genetic samples and information for health development and research. The company has a number of over 300 researchers and geneticists across Africa and a research laboratory in Nigeria (Lagos).
  5. Aella Credit: The chief executive officer and the founder of the company is Akin Jones. The company is aimed at solving the financial needs of every user. The company is aimed at borrowing, investing, and payment making. They make it easy and stress-free for users/ customers to invest, make payments, and borrow money. The company secured from a Singaporean company an investment worth $10 million. Nevertheless, the company aims at including other African countries in their financial plans and making sure other people are included in the financial aid.
  6. Kuda Bank: The intention of this company is to make the process of banking so easy just with the use of our individual cell phones. This company belongs to the fintech category. This fintech eradicates the lengthy procedures of getting a bank account. In November 2020, the bank attracted a $10 million seed, making it one of the biggest rounds ever raised in the African continent. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Babs Ogundeyi, he has established opportunities for women to work in the company in other to bridge the gender inequality in the tech industry. You can use the platform for gaming at
  7. Tradedeport: The Chief executive officer of this company is Onyekachi Izukanne. This Nigerian company links small businesses across the African continent. Established in 2016, it has built a gigantic network of more than 40,000 small businesses in Africa which are connected to the entire globe.
  8. Field Intelligence: This is another health-tech company making waves in the African tech space as much as it could. They make pharmaceutical supplies affordable to government and businesses thereby delivering adequate health care. The Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Field intelligence are Michael Moreland. It has its offices in Abuja, Lagos, and Nairobi.
  9. Medsaf: Medsaf was established in 2017 by Vivian Nwakah after losing a friend to fake medication. The aim of this company is to connect with pharmaceutical suppliers who supply to hospitals and pharmacies to supply adequate and original drugs to this company considering the high rate of fake drug supply in Africa.
  10. Autochek: This company is an auto-tech company with offices in Nigeria and Ghana. It began with the purpose of enabling stress free and safe way of purchasing automotive.

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