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All websites these days need a website. This is why selling hosting packages is a very lucrative business. Such a business can easily be started with the use of reseller hosting. Unfortunately though, this option is plagued with countless misconceptions. To help you make better choices, here are some of the biggest myths that simply have to disappear.

Profits Are Low

This is a myth that quickly spread in the industry and it led to many not using reseller hosting as a business opportunity. In reality, even if you do not have much business experience, profits can be gained as a reseller and you can make a good profit when your marketing approach is a proper one.

Several web hosting companies out there offer incredible services with rates that are quite cheap. Hosting services can then be resold to end customers at very affordable prices. As the business grows, it is quite easy to gain clients when you work hard and profits surely follow.

The Technical Aspect Is Complex

When it initially appeared, reseller hosting was complicated. Nowadays though, it is just a myth. Right now, the learning curve is very small and you do not need much effort. In fact, the process is very simple and straightforward, with very high convenience. All you really need is some standard knowledge.

The business model relies on you being a middleman. You sell hosting provided by someone else. So it is that someone else who will take care of the technical side of the business.

You Need Long-Term Customers To Succeed

As with every single business out there, you will have really long relationships with some of your clients. However, this does not mean you will rely on them at all times. You do not have to draw in only these customers. It is a possibility to be successful even when you only have customers that come and go. Obviously, you will need long-term customers. But, they are not the foundation of your business.

Customer Assistance Is Complicated

The belief that you have to always provide customer support and that the process is daunting is just a misconception. It is the hosting provider that is going to take care of customer support for you. This is actually highly convenient. The provider will set up the dedicated server for you, take care of upgrades, and a whole lot more. In most cases, you just need to set up the system and most of the customer support is going to be set up so that the customer will be in touch with the tech department of the hosting provider.

You Have To Lie To Customers

The misconception that you cannot claim to be a hosting company that offers full service hosting to its clients is not correct. If this was correct, there wouldn’t be any business out there that would choose to work with resellers. In truth, the hosting provider allows you to easily serve the entire customer base as you are a completely independent host. White label facilities are available and this will identify you as 100% a legit hosting seller.

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