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Are you still not applying these strategies to boost moz pro local SEO in 2019 ? Leaving them aside will mean losing opportunities for your business and endangering your search engine visibility. In Web PositioningĀ  we will tell you what to do to achieve success.

Moz pro local SEO becomes more important

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Over the years, moz pro local web positioning has gained relevance. And this year will be essential for digital marketing strategies. The statistics assume that it is time to start working on it.

Moz pro local SEO is closely related to the use of mobile. The increase in searches through the smartphone influences local searches. And at this time most of the inquiries are made from mobile devices:

  • According to BCC interactive, 52% of web traffic comes from mobile.
  • 71% of people who investigate a local business consult on the Internet.
  • 46% of Google searches are moz pro local.
  • 88% of people looking for an online business call or visit the premises in the course of a day.

These are some of the reasons why you should worry about optimizing the moz pro local SEO of your business . When a person finds out about a company on the internet, he is more willing to visit and buy the products.

To this the reviews are added. Consumers trust what other customers say about a business or product. Frequently they go to search engines to consult the opinions of third parties to decide whether to buy or not. So you should also be interested in getting comments.

28% of local searches from the mobile end in a purchase. This figure is more than enough for you to worry about starting on your mozĀ  pro local SEO strategy.

Strategies to boost moz pro local SEO in 2019

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Both small and large businesses must worry about positioning for local searches. Therefore, it will be one of the optimization strategies that should not be overlooked this year.

It is important to act on time and create an action plan to attract local traffic . There must be a team dedicated to this work, especially when dealing with large companies or with several locations. The tactics you apply can make a difference to your competitors.

Moz pro local SEO on-page

As part of moz pro local SEO positioning, the first step is to optimize the web. Making sure to include the corresponding keywords for each page. The name of the business and the location must appear in the title of the pages and in the URL.

You must also add other items such as phone numbers in a visible place. So that the visitor can find them and make calls from the same web.

The optimization for mobile is another aspect that should be mentioned in this section. The web must adapt to any screen and be easy to navigate from the mobile to provide a good experience to those who visit from these devices.

Finally, we must maintain a coherent content strategy. With useful information for users and include local elements such as places or events.

Real-time inventory

Experts in SEO estimate that knowing what is in the real-time inventory will be a trend this year. With just a simple search, users will know if what they are looking for is in the store or not.

This is possible thanks to the Google function “See what’s in store” and its integration with tools like Pointy . It is a way to improve positioning and attract more customers to the store. In the United States, companies have discovered the advantage that this function brings and it is estimated that this year will increase the number of users much more.

Profile on Google My Business

Having a profile in Google My Business must be included in any moz pro local SEO strategy. This is the clearest way to tell Google what your business does, where it is located, schedules, products, etc. The more information you provide, the greater your chances of positioning yourself.

Optimize the Google My Business profile by entering the name, address and phone number of the store. If you have several locations, do it for each of them. You can do it little by little, concentrate on the main location and then move on to the others.

It is not just about having a profile, but knowing how to take advantage of its functions and keep it updated. Some practices for the correct use of this platform are:

  • Update the NAP information (name, address and telephone number) when necessary.
  • Set the correct opening, closing and rest times.
  • Use Google Post and the question and answer function.
  • Handle reviews left by users.
  • Upload images of the stores.

Search optimization by voice

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Another SEO technique to attract local traffic is optimization for voice searches. As mentioned before, this is related to searches from the mobile. The frequent scenario is a person who is away from home and is interested in looking for a business near their location. To do so, he will take his mobile and consult through the virtual assistant.

This is where searches with terms such as “near me” or “open now” become more relevant. This also reflects the importance of the data that has been provided to Google. The search engine will take that information to determine if your company is relevant in the user’s queries.

When optimizing for voice searches, consider conversational keywords. It is also recommended that you not only consider Google, but other search engines such as Bing that are also used frequently.

Get reviews

Reviews are one of the main elements of moz pro local SEO. The opinions left by clients influence the decisions of others. Many consult the Internet only to read previous opinions before buying.

A particularity on this topic is that it is more likely to get negative opinions than positive ones. Therefore, a strategy must be proposed to balance the reviews. Identify which are your most loyal customers and invite them to comment on your business. You can do it through e-mail marketing or in Google My Business.

You can also ask for reviews on industry or product review sites. Visitors to these sites have a real interest in the business or what it offers. Therefore, reading the opinions may be what ends up convincing them.

Social networks are also effective in getting reviews . However, there is a series of good practices that you should keep in mind. For example, respond to customer comments on all platforms and be nice to do so. If users seek to solve a problem, do it publicly, otherwise it will look like it is trying to hide something.

Build links to the web

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Getting local links is also important for your strategy to succeed. In this sense, it is necessary to get involved with the community. You can talk about events in your city and ask for a link in exchange.

Other sites where you can get a local link are newspapers, influences of your city or in partnerships with other businesses. Apply these strategies to boost moz pro local SEO in 2019 and give more visibility to your business.

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