List of game launches: October

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List of game launches: October

Just past the summer, it is already beginning to notice how the heat is gradually ending to make way for autumn. And what better plan than a good sofa session, blanket, popcorn, and a good list of new releases for PC and consoles. We share the list of game launches in this October.

So go on your fingers because here we bring you a list with our selection of releases for October, ordered by their chronological release date.

We will start with a quick summary of the releases of games already premiered in these first days of the month, which without a doubt, has started with “a lot of strength”.

October 2nd

Forza Horizon 4game launches

More specifically, with much Forza Horizon 4 (yes, I know, sorry for the bad joke), a new installment of this hybrid title that focuses a bit more on the part of the arcade races than on the driving simulation. More than 450 cars, new modes of competition, and impressive graphics of the streets and landscapes of Great Britain based on an open multiplayer world. It is one of the game launches in early October.

Forza Horizon 4 comes exclusively through the Microsoft Store, so it is only available on Windows PC and Xbox One, at a single price of  64.99 euros. If you want details to stay tuned because soon we will upload our own analysis of the game.

Mega Man 11game launches

After the long wait since the last releases of Mega Man 10 in 2010, and after having been taken over the franchise last year to mark the 30th anniversary , Capcom brings us a new installment of the main saga of the mythical blue bomber, which returns with a title to the purest classic style of 2D platforms , combining hand-drawn environments with 3D characters.

Mega Man 11 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam, under a price of 29.99 euros for all platforms. In addition, a free demo is also available.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradisegame launches

This action game inspired by the manga Hokuto no Ken, and with great similarities to the Yakuza saga (releases with which shares developer) and the setting of Mad Max. And is that the game will be set in a post-apocalyptic and hostile world after a fictitious World War III, where the strongest dominate the world, and where our man “the fist of the North Star”, will fight on behalf of the defenseless.  It is one of the game launches in early October.

October 5th

Super Mario Partygame launches

A new installment of this Nintendo classic that recovers the original emotion of traversing the board in search of stars and taking advantage of certain strategic additions, such as the special dice of each character, with specific numerations.

Super Mario Party arrives exclusively for Nintendo Switch under a starting price of  59.95 euros and offering us 300 gold coins (equivalent to 3 euros) if we buy it through the Nintendo e-Shop.

Assassin’s Creed: Odysseygame launches

After the success of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and its incredible scenarios of Egypt, in this installment, we will move to Ancient Greece, under a similar game system, with an extensive world to explore and the reinforcement of rollers components that so well They have sat in the saga.  It is one of the best game launches in early October.

In addition, and for the first time in the saga, we will have the option to play entirely with a female character, Kassandra, who will have her own version of the story. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is now available for PC ( where we have already seen performance tests ), PS4 and Xbox One, for a price from 59.99 euros.

WWE 2K19game launches

One more year the wrestling returns from the hands of the 2K guys. In addition to the update of characters (which includes all participants in the following video), as an addition to this year, we will include the mode: The Million Dollar Challenge.  It is one of the game launches in early October.

WWE 2K19 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC for Windows, under a price of 69.99 euros for consoles, and 49.99 euros on Steam.

October 9

Space Hulk: Tacticsgame launches

This is a game of turn-based strategy set in the universe of the franchise of wargaming Warhammer 40,000, with two complete campaigns for each faction fighting against the AI LAN and online multiplayer.

Space Hulk: Tactic will come to PC through Steam, PS4 and Xbox One at a price of 39.99 euros, and currently reduced by 10% for pre-purchase.

Mark of the Ninja: Remasteredgame launches

One of Klei’s best-rated releases and a reference in stealth games, Mark of the Ninja is remastered to be updated in its versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and incorporated for the first time into the Nintendo handheld console, the Switch.

The Occupationgame launches

One of the few graphic adventures that we can find today, we will take control of the first person of a journalist in the 1987 England, where time and our actions will be of vital importance for the development of the plot.

* Unfortunately, it has just been announced that The Occupation will be delayed until February 2019.

October 11th

Child of Light and Tricky Towersgame launches

These two games, previously released in 2014 and 2016, respectively, finally arrive for the players of Switch, who may well relive their previous experiences, or enjoy for the first time these two great titles.  It is one of the game launches in early October.

The first Child of Light is a game that combines platforms and dungeon research, with a curious system of turn-based combats, and a deep and heartfelt story. After dying in strange conditions and awakening in a strange place, we will accompany Aurora, a young princess, on her trip to try to return home.

For more years to pass, the Tetris will always be remembered. One of the ways to honor this classic is Tricky Towers, which combines the mechanics of this game with the board game Jenga, and the addition of physical gravity, which will make our towers are likely to fall.

October 12

Disgaea 1 Completegame launches

After 15 years since its launch, and numerous deliveries, Disgaea 1 Complete returns, the remastered version of this role-playing game, strategy and turn-based combats, with graphics and humor in Japanese manga style. Here we leave a video with the comparison of graphics between both versions.

Disgaea 1 Complete will be available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and at a price of 49.99 euros for both.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4game launches

The new and controversial latest installment of the Call of Duty Black Ops saga, which will focus 100% of the game experience on the online multiplayer, completely suppressing the single player campaign mode. It also highlights the inclusion of Blackout mode, the first contact of Call of Duty in the growing phenomenon of Battle Royale.  It is one of the best game launches in October.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be available for PC ( through ) at a price of 59.99 euros, and on PS4 and Xbox One from 69.99 euros.

Luigi’s Mansiongame launches

The eternal second son returns to demand attention. To mark the announcement of the future release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Switch, Nintendo took the opportunity to create a little more hype by announcing the adaptation of the first exclusive delivery for the Nintendo 3DS laptop.

October 16

LEGO: DC Super-Villainsgame launches

Join the Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor and other DC comics villains in this new adventure in the open world of LEGO in which, for the first time, we will have the chance to play like a true super-villain, wreaking havoc on Throughout the city and a story full of action and humor. It is one of the best game launches in October.

LEGO: DC Super-Villains will be available for PC through Steam at a price of 39.99 euros, and for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, at a price of 59.99 euros.

Starlink: Battle for Atlasgame launches

This new action game and ships reminiscent of the old Star Fox brings us a renewed concept with which we can assemble and combine the different models and pilots of our ship, in a real replica, in order to develop our personalized game style and We can adapt to the needs of each mission.

And it is also with the use of additional modular figures, we can see how our creations come to life in real time in the game. It is one of the best game launches in October.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be available for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the latter with a special edition exclusively  with the Star Fox ship, and Fox McCloud himself as a pilot, with a base price of 79.99 euros that will include a ship, 3 weapons, and a pilot (2 weapons and 2 pilots in the case of the Switch)

Warriors Orochi 4game launches

The fourth installment of this saga of the music genre, this hack and slash in which a single hero (in this case with the powers of the gods) will face hundreds and hundreds of waves and enemies. But not only that, and that is that recently debuted in Japan, Warriors Orochi 4 has been the best-selling game during the week of its release.

Soon we can enjoy this game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2game launches

It is the street version of the 2K sporting title, with a  more arcade system focused on the 2-on-2 basketball, with toon-style characters, and with special abilities and powers. It is one of the best game launches in October.

NBA 2K Playground 2 will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at a price of 29.99 euros.

October 19

Dark Souls Remasteredgame launches

After suffering several delays in front of its release on the other platforms, finally comes to Switch the remastered version of the first installment of this classic saga of action and horror.

Dark Souls Trilogygame launches

It also comes to PS4 and Xbox One (without a date announced for Switch) a new pack that will include the complete trilogy of Dark Souls. You better be “ready to die”.

Soulcalibur 6game launches

The new installment of the well-known Bandai Namco wrestling franchise, which debuted years ago in arcade salons and was the successor to the original Soul Edge installment.

In addition, with Soul Calibur VI finally, Bandai Namco takes the leap and finally reaches PC, in addition to staying on PS4 and Xbox One. We can find this game from 59.99 euros through Steam, and 69.99 euros for the consoles.

October 25

Just Dance 2019game launches

Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, Calvin Harris, and more than 40 songs await you to dance in this new installment of Just Dance, which brings us the best hits of this year, and new and fun dance steps to liven up our parties. It is one of the best game launches in October.

Just Dance 2019 will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch from 59.99 euros; In addition to the releases also for previous generations as Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U.

October 26th

Red Dead Redemption 2game launches

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of this 2018. This is the new release of this western action and shot from Rockstar, which offers us the possibility of exploring its open world both in single player mode and in the form of online multiplayer. It is one of the best game launches in October.

At the moment, Red Dead Redemption 2 will come exclusively for PS4 and Xbox One, at a price of 69.99 euros, although the company has already stated that it does not rule out the option to release it later for PC.

Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Bloodgame launches

This collection of two releases brings us back the classic franchise, in exclusive and for the first time for PS4, where fans can relive the two heroes of the saga and the hunting of the Belmont vampire clan.

My Hero One’s Justicegame launches

Another of the games recently released and based on one of the current trends in Japan, the anime Boku no Hero Academy. This arcade fights game will be based on a 1-on-1 system of encounters, facing heroes and villains, and will be available to test prior to its launch during Madrid Games Week. It is one of the game launches in October.

My Hero One’s Justice will come to PC and Nintendo Switch at a price of 59.99 euros, and PS4 and Xbox One for 69.99 euros.

30th of October

Call of Cthulhugame launches

One of the releases that have been a surprise more than pleasant after being able to try it a few days ago. This game of graphic adventure and psychological terror based on the novels of Lovecraft puts us in the skin of Edward, a researcher who goes through a bad patch, and who is involved in a mysterious case that ends up linked with the dark arts and the devil marine Cthulhu.  It is one of the game launches in October.

If you want to know more about this game, stay tuned for the dates close to its launch, as we will upload our own analysis.

Call of Cthulhu will be available for PC through Steam, at a price of 44.99 euros, and for PS4 and Xbox One, 54.99 euros. In addition, and until the date of its launch, the game will have a discount of 10% on all its platforms.

Risk and Trivial Pursuit Livegame launches

Announced during the last Nintendo Direct, we will have a great selection of adaptations of classic board games like the strategic Risk, or the Trivial questions. In addition, these games will feature multiplayer modes in the same console, as through Switch Online.  It is one of the game launches in October.

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