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You may have thought that recycling your old mobile phone will just help you get rid of clutter. After all, the newer phones are all the rage, right? But recycling an old mobile phone can actually help you save more wildlife and reduce your consumption of natural resources. Mobile phones have extensive uses and when you’re done with your contract, you can sell it for parts and even get money for it. Moreover, there are plenty of organisations that buy used mobile phones and break them down. Even the smallest parts can still be useful to someone somewhere. As a result, recycling your old mobile phone will help keep the amount going to landfill low and also save the environment.

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Recyclable materials from your old mobile phone can be used in new devices. You can recover metals, plastic, and rare earth elements from it. Some of these materials are so valuable that they cannot be replaced. Many people also buy new mobiles quite regularly, which is why recycling is so important. Recycling old phones can be a huge help to the environment and you can even earn cash from it. Some old phones are even sent to be reused in third world countries. For your new device, visit a Vodafone Store Ireland like

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Before recycling your old phone, you should backup all the data on it. Backups can help protect your data in case you have important files and photos on your old phone. If you’re trading in a functional mobile phone, you need to clean it up and reset it to factory settings before dropping it off. If your phone has sensitive data, you can transfer it to another device.


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