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Building surveys are a valuable asset for anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property. A building survey is the study and inspection of a property so far as to enable a qualified surveyor to tell what effect the condition of the property will have on a potential buyer/seller. This is an important part of the buying process and can often make a huge difference in how much money someone makes from their investment in a home. It is a complex process, however, and not something you should attempt yourself without a full understanding of what it entails. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional firms offering their services in this field and Building Survey Manchester company Sam Conveyancing is one such choice.

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Building surveys are divided into two major types – those that are carried out by individuals and those that are undertaken by firms. While an individual may be able to undertake a fairly thorough examination of a building in their own time, it may be more advisable (and cheaper) for you to hire a qualified surveyor to carry out this task for you. By doing so, you ensure that all areas of concern regarding the condition of your property are properly addressed. You should always make sure that your surveyor is qualified to do this particular type of inspection, however, as if you choose a non-expert, you could end up getting less value for your money and ending up with a less than satisfactory result.

Individual Building Surveys Buildings that are not suitable for building surveys often have their own unique issues that can’t be adequately addressed by a qualified surveyor. For example, buildings that have undergone substantial changes, including the addition of external features such as fences and parking meters, may not show signs of damage to internal elements as they may be invisible. Likewise, buildings that are undergoing renovations (for example a conversion from an industrial building to a retail space) may not be suitable for a building survey due to the disruption of existing conditions. In these cases, it is usually wise to have the renovation company carry out an inspection before beginning work so that you don’t need to find a way to address the problems afterwards. Similarly, if you’re thinking of selling your property, you don’t want to have it damaged during the selling process as this could negatively affect your chances of making a sale.

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General Building Surveys are usually undertaken in line with proposals from architects and developers, so they are technically as much an observation as a form of investigation. You’ll usually find two types of surveys: those which focus on the visible exterior aspects of your building, such as roofs, facades and doorways; and those which focus on inspecting the internal aspects of your building, including any cracks in walls or ceilings (including any penetrations through plasterwork) as well as any issues with insulation, plumbing and electrical systems. These surveys are normally undertaken when you’re either buying or selling your property and there’s sufficient evidence for the professionals to suggest some form of repair.



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