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From cars to DVDs and from clothing to records, eBay is an incredibly easy way to make a few pounds. You can start up your own online business, or you can get rid of a few books you have lying around – either way, eBay provides you with the perfect online market in which to flog your wares.

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Here are some pointers to make sure you get the best out of the site.

Avoid Bad Ratings

If you have a chess set but there are some pawns missing, don’t bother putting it on eBay.

If you dropped that copy of Romeo and Juliet in the bath, don’t bother putting it on eBay.

In other words, if your item is not in perfect or even good condition, you risk getting yourself a bad review from your buyer. A bad review can mean the end of your eBay career before it has begun! Buyers will not purchase from you unless you can prove you are trustworthy.

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Build Your Profile

In order to become a successful seller, make sure you buy a couple of items first. This gives you a history on the website, improving your presence in the community if you pay on time and leave some feedback.

Your username should be simple, precise and professional. Avoid anything embarrassing or illegible.

Be Aware of Seller Costs

Read all Ts & Cs regarding seller costs – there can be additional costs for such extras as multiple pictures or listing in two different categories.

Keep in mind the postage costs too. You may want to keep delivery costs down by using a man and van Slough, and man and van Slough UKTDL can help.

Correct Pricing

Get a feel for the correct price window to charge for your items by searching for similar ones already listed.

Postage costs should be correctly calculated so you don’t overcharge and put buyers off – the Royal Mail can help.

Keep Starting Bids Low

Attract buyers by keeping your starting bids at a low price – this can turn into a much bigger sale and encourage bidding wars! Your item can have a reserve price too.

Provide a Photo

Always list your item along with a picture – this should be clear, showing any extras and giving an honest representation of what you are selling.

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